eyesite ES110


Remote surveillance and alarm monitoring are offering dramatic improvements in productivity to thousands of businesses every day. Not only does the ability to dial in and monitor sites remotely afford better safety and working practices, but also offers a view of possible improvements to productivity.

For the unmanned site, the eyesite 110 can reduce the amount of manned guarding required, with a simple connection to an alarm receiving centre, or to the proprietor's home. Not only does this allow the correct response to unfolding events, but it also acts as a deterrent to misdemeanour. Real time access through standard phone lines

Built to operate with PSTN the eyesite 110 offers excellent quality of service over ordinary analogue phone lines and point to point connection means you call from anywhere in the world and obtain the same high picture quality.

eyesite 110 provides real time transmission of video at up to 15 frames per second. Six video and audio inputs allow the remote viewing of an entire building through a single, low cost package.

Easy to install and use
The eyesite 110 PSTN remote video transmission unit is an easy to use, flexible and cost effective answer to your remote video monitoring and visual alarm verification needs.

Using the eyesite 110 is as easy as operating a TV set as all functions are controlled via the remote control handset.

To install, simply connect the unit to your TV set, plug in the camera(s), microphone(s) & power supply & connect the phone line.

Call in and see what's happening or set it up to call out to you or an alarm monitoring service when it receives a trigger.

You can attach a variety of equipment to the eyesite 110, for example:

You can also connect a monitor and loud speaker to the eyesite 110, allowing those at the remote site to see and hear the person calling them.

By using the H.324 video communications standard but with security code protection, the eyesite 110 combines the benefits of standards compatibility when you want it, with access security that ensures only those authorised can access the system.

So the eyesite 110 is a great way to add visual verification to security, surveillance and remote monitoring systems.




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