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CCTV systems (closed circuit television) are one of the most effective means of securing your home or business. CCTV monitoring can deter and confirm Shoplifting, Child Abuse, Vandalism, Harassment and a host of other problems. Basic cctv systems consist of a CCTV camera connected directly to a cctv monitor. More complex systems can monitor the camera through switchers, time lapse recorders and even over the phone line. CCTV switchers allow multiple CCTV cameras to be connected to one monitor by switching between cameras at preset time intervals or by splitting the screen to display more than one camera’s picture on the screen. The latest home CCTV security systems allow you to call the system, and, with a monitor connect to the telephone line through special equipment, you can view and control the CCTV cameras remotely.

CCTV Cameras come in a variety of styles; Standard, Bullets, and Domes. They can also disguised as smoke detectors, thermostats, clocks and even stuffed animals. There are cameras as small as quarter and can be concealed anywhere.

Recording the CCTV system surveillance is an important part of any camera security installation. VHS Time lapse recorders are one method. A more advanced method is using a DVR. DVR’s (Digital video Recorder) records on a hard disk drive and are far superior than VHS tapes. DVR’s can search any event reordered by inputting a time and date and the entire CCTV system can be networked over a LAN and be accessed remotely using a standard web browser.

If you are a security professional, we invite you to contact us to receive a login ID. This login will allow you to view our competitive pricing on one of the largest CCTV camera & CCTV systems product offering.

Christy Industries is also distributors for Burglar Alarms, Fire Alarms and all your professional security needs. View this site for a complete listing and description of all our CCTV systems products.

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