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Digital Motion Detectors
Fully software-driven, true 100% digital motion detection completely converts, amplifies and processes the sensor's low-level signal in the digital domain without any analogue circuitry (no saturation or noise)

See the Paradox digital difference for yourself with our true digital motion detectors. Paradox digital detectors are the only truly 100% digital motion detectors in the industry. Conventional "digital" motion detectors use analog technology to amplify the signal, thereby losing much of it. Paradox motion detectors, on the other hand, operate entirely in the digital domain for unmatched accuracy. Whatever your demands, Paradox has a powerful, truly digital motion detector that meets your needs.

100% Digital Motion Detectors Main Features
• Digital SHIELD™ algorithm software
• Digital Auto Pulse Signal Processing†
• Digital Automatic Temperature Compensation
• Metal shield minimizes EMI and RFI interference

Dual-Element PIR

• Digital Dual Edge Processing
• 110° viewing angle
• 40ft (12m) x 40ft (12m)


Quad-Element PIR

• Digital Dual Edge Processing
• Dual Opposed Digital Detection
• Interlock Sensor Geometry†
• 100° viewing angle
• 40ft (12m) x 40ft (12m)


High-Security Digital Motion Detector

• Dual optics (2 dual opposed element sensors)
• Pet-friendly lens pattern (patent-pending)
• Immune to pets weighing up to 90lbs (41kg)
• Digital Dual Edge Processing
• 90° viewing angle
• 35ft (11m) x 35ft (11m)


Microwave and Infrared Motion Detector

• Dual element PIR sensor
• Digital Dual Edge Processing
• 90° viewing angle
• 45ft (14m) x 45ft (14m)


CCTV and Security Systems on GSA Contract
We Accept Purchase Orders
In addition to all the major credit cards we accept purchase orders from Fortune 1000 corporations, educational institutions, and government agencies.
All purchase order terms are Net 30 days. Please fax your purchase order to (718) 259-3294

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