Access Control
   Readers, Readers, Readers and more Readers >>
Readers from the InteliDoor TM AY-Series, a few of them are shown below..
Please Click on the Readers Link to see ALL of the series in detail.
Outdoor Advanced Reader
Fully potted IP-65, 6-wire, contactless 125 KHz Reader with Optic Tamper. Meets UL-294, ETSI, CE, FCC Standards. Lifetime Warranty
Five Unique Sizes
A selection of housings all fully certified with international standards

Backlit Outdoor PIN & Prox Reader
An advanced IP-65, Multiformat; Wiegand-26 Bit, 37 Bit and 44 Bit or Clock and Data output. LED Control and Optic Tamper. Blue or Red Backlight for 24 hours convenience.

You can choose from PIN only or PIN + Prox

Unique Backlit Key Design
For Waterproofing and BACKLIGHT, made with Laser technology.

FACTORY OPTIONS: You can choose to have either a BLUE or a RED backlight for the Keypad.
Piezo Outdoor PIN Reader
This multiformat; Wiegand-26 Bit, 37 Bit and 44 Bit reader has Clock and Data output. LED Control and Optic Tamper. A softtouch algorithm senses entry evenly across all the keys.
A Special Anti-vandal Piezo Key Design
For Waterproofing to IP-68, and providing long term installation in heavy use areas.

Advanced reader that resists glue, oil, dust, dirt,and is easy to clean too !
868.35MHz Outdoor UHF RF Reader
This Wiegand-26 Bit, reader works with RF remote controls for Long Range ID based control. Perfect for Parking, Gate, Barriers. Integrates Seamlessly to popular Wiegand Controls
Unique Compact RF Design fits Reader Case. (L-Caes)
We made this unit with superb high level features including an fully internal antenna optic back tamper and 868.35 MHz Receiver.
   Mid Range PC Linked Controllers & Software >>>
RSP has a selection of PC Connected Controllers in the InteliDoor TM AC-Series, here are a couple of them shown below;
Single Door (In/Out) Controller with PC Monitoring Software
With a real time online PC Software this Access Controller supports MS Access Database and provides user interface with Photos and Data.,
PC Software for Single Door Access Control.
PC Software for Network of Eight Doors.
Networkable to Eight Connected Doors.

Single Door (In/Out) Controller with PC Management Software

This is perfect for any low cost installation of networked Access Control.
   Stand Alone Self Contained Controllers >>>
The complete Stand-Alone Range from InteliDoor TM AC-Series, here are a few of them shown below..Please Click on the Link below for details.
UIltra Low-Cost PIN & Prox - Stand Alone Controller
An advanced indoor unit, with all the brains of the high end modles, at a very econimic pricing to meet your budget.
RSP has a FULL LINE LOW COST Alone Controller
Select from over 5 models of the Low-Cost Series With all the features and Indoor Housing.
METAL Backlit Outdoor PIN & Prox - Stand Alone Controller
An advanced IP-65, antivandal BACKLIT keys, PIN and PROX controller.

Blue or Red Backlight for 24 hours lighting convenience.

Secu PAD TM PIN & Prox StandAlone Controller
An advanced PIEZO IP-65, controller for 500 users, with encoded digital comms between the Controller and SecuCONTTM Power Supplies.
Secu PAD TM AC-074




   Power Supply Units for Access Control >>>
Housed and PCB level Power Supply Units for Access Control

Conforming to CE

FCC, UL Standards.

With Charger and Bell

1.2 and 2.0 Amps


Smart Coooms
   ID Cards & Tags, for Access Control >>>

RFID Cards & Tags

Conforming to ISO Standards.



Facility Coded


Keychain Tags
CP-R20     Card Programmer


Access Controllers
Access Readers

AY-L23 RF Proximity Reader
AY-Q12 Metal Proximity Reader
AY-Q14 Metal Proximity Reader
AY-Q54 Metal Keyboard Reader
AY-Q55 Metal Piezo Keypad
AY-Q64 Metal Proximity Keypad Reader
AY-Q65, T55, S55 Metal Proximity Piezo Keypad Readers
AY-X09 Series PIN Readers (IntelliDoor)
AY-X11 Series Proximity Readers with Bell (IntelliDoor)
AY-X12 Series Proximity Readers (IntelliDoor)
AY-X12 Series Proximity Readers (RS485)
AY-X14 Series Proximity Readers
AY-X19 Series Proximity & PIN Readers (IntelliDoor)
MD-12, MD-14 OEM Proximity Reader Module and Converter

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